Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Robot Ready

If anyone has been around me for even a small amount of time it would not take long to figure out I have a sick obsession with crafting and decorating. I LOVE to change, rearrange, and find ANY excuse to redecorate! My sweet baby boy, Cruz will soon be turning 1 and I am already thinking of redecorating his room. I have been doing a lot of internet research and thinking on this subject and I decided on ROBOTS!

This is Cruz's official invitation for his 1st birthday...cute, right???
I found these on awesome etsy!

Here are some ideas that I found that I thought I would incorporate into the room.

I'm not sure how I will pull off these gears on the wall, but I will give it my best shot!

Isn't this stuffed robot so neat-I can't wait to try my hand at this one.

These "robots" I found on etsy as well really excited me. I can't wait to search antique and thrift shops for items to make these little critters. I thought they would be so cute on display.

I have a few other tricks up my sleeve to bring into the room as well. I will be posting on my progress along the way....wish me luck!


  1. I stumbled across you blog through Holly's blog. You have some serious talent! We just have one baby. It's so much fun decorating her your ideas!

  2. Thanks, Grace! Kids rooms are so fun to decorate...especially girl's rooms :)