Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Don't Break the Bank

I know these days everyone is trying to save their pennies, so I wanted to pass along some great ideas for inexpensive wall art for your home.

Stretching fabric over a canvas is an inexpensive, beautiful way to create artwork for your home.
You can find a variety of fabrics in different themes and styles to suit your taste and to fit anywhere in your home. Most fabric stores have a remnant table with deep discounts given on the price or use SHEETS. :)

The only supplies you need to pull this off is your fabric, a canvas, scissors, and a staple gun - all found at your local craft store. Staple fabric around canvas as shown below.

I used Amy Butler's Mid West Modern fabric to make the curtains and pillows in my daughters room.

I wanted to incorporate the other patterns in this collection in her room as well, so I decided to stretch the remaining fabrics over canvas and place them over her bed.




Another fabric wall art idea...fabric and cross stitching hoops.

I made this owl using a blank canvas, scrapbook paper, and Modge Podge decoupaging glue. You can cut basic shapes and decoupage them to the canvas to create any theme or look you desire-the skys the limit!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Born Again

I did not grow up in the church. The early years of my life I was raised by my mom, who was a single parent. She told me the only thing she regrets in regards to raising me, was that we did not go to church. Of course I went to the occassional Easter service, but as a child and young adult I never fully understood what it meant to have Christ in my life.

I knew that my husband had grown up going to church and when we married he expressed his desire to continue going with his family. We began going, but at that time I was not fully committed and we bounced around from church to church for a while. Eventually, we let our busy lives separate us from the church and we found ourselves not attending at all.
It's so easy to let life get in the way of things that are important, you begin to loose focus on what really matters...but God works in mysterious ways. Once we moved to Mt.Pleasant we began going to Seacoast Church and from there things have just fallen in to place.

The sermons are so uplifting and it feels good to be a part of something so big and spirit filled. We have become active, joining Bible Studies , meeting people- people who want to learn about and grow with the Lord as we do. We love Seacoast and our children love Seacoast...even the 12 yr. old. It's so awesome that I just had to share!

Sheet Obsession

I have to admit, when I discover a good thing I tend to go overboard at times...but this is one indulgence that is smart, cheap, and beautiful!
I don't remember how my love affair with sheets began, but I do know that while shopping for fabrics to make home decor items around my home I could never find anything that I liked or could afford. My style is very clean and contemporary and I kept finding myself being drawn toward all the neat geometric patterns I was seeing on sheets. Sheets cost a lot less than fabric and can be used for the same purpose, so why not use them around the home??
Most of the sheets I have bought and used have come from Target, LOVE that store! The majority of the time I use the sheets for curtains, but I have found other uses for them...besides of course, the conventional method.

I made these curtains in my master bedroom out of king sized flat sheets I found at Target. I cut the sheets into panels then sewed the unfinished edge along the sides. The length was perfect, so no need to hem!

These roman shades hanging in my landing were made from both flat and fitted sheets I found at Target.

These roman shades are hanging in my kitchen. Once again, I used flat and fitted sheets, but I found these at Marshall's.

Other ways I have used sheets around the house....

Close up of patterns on the sheets I have used.

Next up....

roman shades for my dining room!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Order Up!

I have NEVER been a master in the kitchen. In fact my husband would always tease that if it were not for the microwave my family would starve. My grandmother was quite the cook, but I never took the time or had any interest in learning. Recently, I stumbled upon the most awesome website for an ill equipt cook such as myself...RECIPEZAAR.COM!!

There are literally THOUSANDS of recipes on this website and each has been tested and rated by its users. I love that the recipes are simple, easy to follow and don't include ingredients that I can't pronounce let alone can't find in the grocery store. I am having a blast trying different recipes and getting feedback from my family.

I won't be opening my own restaurant any time soon, but it does give me a sense of accomplishment to be able to serve delicious homemade meals to my family.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Bringing Home Baby

Finally, the day we all had been waiting for...Cruz has arrived!!

He was the most handsome baby boy I had ever seen and he stoled my heart from the first moment I layed eyes on him.

His sisters fell for him as well. Riley was so excited that we actually got to take him home, "He was all ours" she said!!

A Nursery for Cruz

Preparing for the birth of my first son was one of the most exciting times in my life. Adding to the excitement was preparing the nursery and embarking on a decorating adventure like no other. It all started with a piece of fabric that I absolutely fell in love with...and the rest is history!

This is it...Alexander Henry's Spotted Owl fabric. When I saw these whimsical, colorful owls I knew I had to have them for my son's nursery.
I used the fabric to make the curtains and added touches of owls where ever I could. The owl print on the wall is actually a picture I made myself from scrapbook paper using a decoupaging technique on a piece of canvas.

It's not likely that I will find to many things for the nursery that have the name "Cruz" on it, so I made these letters myself...once again using scrapbook paper and decoupaging.
I came up with the idea to make make a "branch" for the room and have owls perched upon the limbs for a neat and colorful visual.

I was going to attempt to make some stuffed owls myself, but I found these precious owls on etsy.com at a reasonable price and decided to go with them.

I was very pleased with the end result and I think Cruz will also approve.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My Purpose

These pictures represent my purpose in life...the reason I live, laugh, and love.