Monday, September 28, 2009

Sheet Obsession

I have to admit, when I discover a good thing I tend to go overboard at times...but this is one indulgence that is smart, cheap, and beautiful!
I don't remember how my love affair with sheets began, but I do know that while shopping for fabrics to make home decor items around my home I could never find anything that I liked or could afford. My style is very clean and contemporary and I kept finding myself being drawn toward all the neat geometric patterns I was seeing on sheets. Sheets cost a lot less than fabric and can be used for the same purpose, so why not use them around the home??
Most of the sheets I have bought and used have come from Target, LOVE that store! The majority of the time I use the sheets for curtains, but I have found other uses for them...besides of course, the conventional method.

I made these curtains in my master bedroom out of king sized flat sheets I found at Target. I cut the sheets into panels then sewed the unfinished edge along the sides. The length was perfect, so no need to hem!

These roman shades hanging in my landing were made from both flat and fitted sheets I found at Target.

These roman shades are hanging in my kitchen. Once again, I used flat and fitted sheets, but I found these at Marshall's.

Other ways I have used sheets around the house....

Close up of patterns on the sheets I have used.

Next up....

roman shades for my dining room!

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