Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I do not believe that it's by accident that I find myself in church on Sunday morning and more often than not the message delivered seems like it was written just for me. Last week our pastor was preaching about forgiveness in order to move on. Forgiveness in friendships and relationships that somehow got off track along the way. I belive that people come into our lives for various reasons and in one way or another teach us some pretty important lessons in life and about ourselves. Some people can help show examples of the person we do- or do not desire to be, some people can help you discover things about yourself you never knew existed, some can bring out the best in you, and some can bring out the worst. It is up to you to determine whether or not relationships in your life are healthy for you and "in line" with the way you want to live your life. When it comes to relationships in my life that have gone astray I am learning that no matter the situation, as a Christian I need to forgive. I have prayed, talked with the Lord, and self reflected on the personal relationships I have been questioning. I have to accept that some people are just the way they are and I cannot change them. Do I wish that my Father took more interest in me and my children? Do I wish that my Grandmother would take advantage of the fact that she is still around to see her Great Grandchildren? Of course I do, but I cannot let their mistakes hold me hostage to feelings of resentment. I have to learn from this situation and promise myself that I will be a better example for my children. Everyday I am learning from the people who come in and out of my life and from my own mistakes. I am learning to accept things for the way they are...learn, forgive and move on.