Saturday, May 22, 2010

One Proud Mama

Teghan will be starting a new school, Christ Our King, this August as she enters the 7th grade. I have encouraged her to keep an open mind and to tryout for any sports and activities that she may be interested in. I explained to her that it will be a great way for her to meet people and make friends. If you know Teghan, you know she is a very shy girl and it takes a while for her to open up. She has come to really love volleyball over the past year and was a great player on her team at Blessed Sacrament. She expressed interest in playing on the team this year at COK. Tryouts for the upcoming year were this past week and Teghan reluctantly went. She was nervous about being around all these new girls she has never met and I reassured her it would be fine. On tryout day 1 when I picked her up she got in the car and cried. As a mother this pulls at your heartstrings beyond belief, but I have to put on a smile and be strong for her. I told her that everyday would get better and she should not give up. Every day after that seemed to get a little better, but there were plenty of pep talks (along with tears) before I dropped her off. On the final tryout day the coach announced that the players who made the team would be posted outside the gym that evening after 7:30pm. Of course Teghan and I drove up to the school right at 7:30, if not a little earlier. Imagine my disappointment, and hers, when I saw that she did not make the team. She instantly began to cry and my motherly instincts kicked in-at that moment I wanted to go in that gym and tear into that coach. My initial thought was "How dare she do this to my child".
I knew in my heart that Teghan was an awesome volleyball player and that these tryouts were just getting the best of her nerves, but what was I to do? I could not go in there and plead with the coach to give her another try, this would not be a good start for Teghan in front of the girls or in the coaches eyes. At the start of this I assumed that every girl made it on the team and that the coach would place them and give them play time according to their skill level. I believe that middle school is a little early to begin making cuts, this can crush the spirit of a 12 yr. old. However, Teghan did get picked to be a Practice Player, along with one other girl. Practice Players are encouraged to come to the practices to improve their game, but cannot play in the games. I have convinced Teghan she should accept this position and be the bigger person. It's easy to say"I quit" and leave the game all together, but she is going to take the high road and show her coach how dedicated to this sport she really is. I'm so proud of her for her accomplishments this past week. Even though she did not make the team, she found the courage to give it her best. I know it's not easy walking into a new school, new coach, new girls, but she handled herself with grace and dignity. I love you, Teghan!


  1. oh melissa, i read this and got a little tearful. i can remember it like it was yesterday when brianna was this age and tried out for the tennis team. she didnt make it and i too wanted to go and scream at the coach! but i didnt. instead i encouraged her to keep playing and practicing and not to give up! after all she really loved playing and it was something that she and i enjoyed doing together (it was great exercise for me). anyway, just wanted to share that with you and also say that i wish teghan all the best as she starts a new school this coming year! im sure she will love it. it's such a great school too! i hope your family is doing well and y'all have a great summer. brianna will be starting college of chas. in late august and i'm reaaaally going to miss her when she moves in the dorm! i know she will only be "down the road" but she is my sidekick you know and it will sure seem quiet around here without her! i guess henry and i will have more "date nights" haha! well, take care and i almost forgot to mention....fantastic job of losing 30 lbs. that is awesome! keep up the good work!! kim

  2. Thanks, Kim! I cannot believe Brianna is starting college! You will have plenty to scrap about now :) Good luck to her as well, I know she will do great. Have a great summer!

  3. What a sweet girl! I'm sure she will make friends quickly at her new school!